Take ‘n Bake Fundraiser

Sell our Take N Bake pizzas. For fundraising purposes, we’ll sell you our extremely popular box of 3 cheese pizzas at 40% off (you pay $14, our regular price is $21).

You can sell these boxes (or vouchers for them) for whatever you’d like (you can get at least $21 to $25 per box).

1. Pick up the pizzas

Have the sale anywhere and any time you want and call us to arrange a time to come in and pick up your pizzas and/or vouchers.

2. Give us advanced notice

All we ask is that you give us advanced notice and that you pay for all pizzas and vouchers when you pick them up.

Please Note: We cannot buy back any unsold vouchers from you.

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Take 'n Bake Pizza Fundraiser

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