The King of Family Dining

Prince Restaurant, in Saugus, MA,
is the King of Family Dining

The true test of a good restaurant is when the children of grandparents and parents continue a tradition of eating at that given restaurant through the generations.

The landmark Prince Restaurant in Saugus, MA, is one of those rare places that has touched past and present generations with equal affection. There may be critics out there who unfairly expect Prince to be something that it isn’t, but the thousands of “real world” people who have frequented Prince know it as a happy, positive and tasty dining experience. Who could ask for anything more, unless it’s overpriced, self-promoted gourmet food with an attitude that you want?

The real world has been going to Prince since 1961, loving the fresh pizza with ample toppings and the pasta with the perfect red sauce. — all at fair prices. The real world has seen lots of fads, trends and other cultural woes come and go, but places like the Prince remain timeless and durable, thanks to a passionate quest for quality food and service with a commitment to excellence. In effect, going to the Prince is like taking a trip back in time. Good products may expand –as the Prince has done through more seating and an attached comedy club — but there’s no real need to change the format when you’re this great…

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Veterans Day Weekend at Prince

Veterans Day Weekend at Prince

Prince Pizzeria honors the members of our Military (past & present).

To members of our Military (past & present), we honor you on this Veterans Day Weekend. Please stop by for a half-price entree this Sunday or Monday (bring in your military ID please). Share this post with all your friends… We are grateful for your service to our country.

Please call (781) 233-9950 , or contact us if you have any specific questions.

We look forward to seeing you at Prince!

Funny Pharmacist: Artie Januario Soars to Headline Status

Funny Pharmacist: Artie Januario Soars to Headline Status

Artie at Giggles Comedy Club
Comedian Artie Januario, who often works as a pharmacist at Super Stop & Shop in Lynn, is pictured with Steven Castraberti, owner of Prince Pizzeria in Saugus, and Mike Clarke, manager and booking agent for Giggles Comedy Club, located inside the restaurant.

Artie Januario already owns the title of funniest pharmacist in America.

“Some guys might claim to be pharmacists that sell drugs, but I don’t think they have a license,” jokes Januario, a 1973 graduate of Immaculate Conception High School of Revere.

Januario, a 56-year-old licensed pharmacist at Super Stop & Shop in Lynn by day and a professional comedian by night, has earned a much sought after title in show business: headliner.

Januario’s name was up in lights (actually big bold letters) on the Prince Pizzeria billboard outside Giggles on Route 1 last weekend. Januario performed at three shows and true to form, he “killed” – which in comedy means that the audience was rolling in the aisles in laughter.

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Story of a Successful Fundraiser at Prince

The Story of a Successful Fundraiser at Prince

“We want to thank Prince for providing us with the tools to make this event a great success. I also want to commend the staff for taking such good care of our guests and thank the comedians for great entertainment! This event was enjoyed by all. We would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for ideas for fundraising.”

The Kenney Family of Woburn, MA

Read the full testimonial and learn more about fundraising opportunities at Prince.

Prince Pizza Rules

Prince Pizza Rules: A true story from a loyal Prince customer

Rule #1

Never pick up Chicken, Broccoli & Ziti without eating breakfeast…mouth will salivate like a dog for the entire car ride…..

Rule #2

If you make mistake #1….do not put the tray in the trunk of your car where it is impossible to reach to sneak a piece of chicken, broccoli or ziti out of the tray….

Rule #3

Never, never, never, order only one tray, regardless of how large it is! If the tray is going to someone else’s house for drop-off…mouth will continue to salivate hours after dropping of tray because you are now craving chicken ,broccoli & ziti and nothing else curbs your appetite… Read more