Top Family-Run Restaurants Have Recipe for Success – Boston Herald Article

Top Family-Run Restaurants Have Recipe for Success – Boston Herald Article

“Trendy chef-driven eateries arrive amid breathless reviews from foodies, but few survive over the long haul. Somebody newer and sexier invariably comes along. Corporate chain restaurants land with a noisy bang thanks to big marketing budgets, but rarely earn the warm embrace of the local community.

Only a select few family-owned eateries survive and thrive for decades and never lose their local soul. Boston, to its credit, still boasts many of these local landmarks.

“People always talk about the new high-end restaurants and esoteric pizza places, but for us it’s a great feeling to know that generations of people grow up eating here,” said Steve Castraberti of Prince Pizzeria.”

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Customer Feedback From a Long-Time Prince Customer

Feedback From a Long-Time Prince Customer


“Life brings many changes, it’s great to see that through all the changes Prince Pizzeria continues to offer the same hospitality and quality – from decade to decade and from generation to generation.

I grew up in Melrose. I spent SO many Friday and Saturday evenings at Prince having great food, great company, great fun and great entertainment there in a “past life”. John Corcoran was a regular there back in the day. The dining rooms were always packed, always loud and always the best place to be. The atmosphere at Prince is still the same. It is no surprise that the parking lot is never empty while your doors are open!

I moved to Vermont 15 years ago and haven’t been able to come back to Prince for all these years until today. I now have an 18 year old son and 13 year old twin girls. Today I dropped off my 18 year old son at Logan for a trip to Spain, then stopped for lunch at Prince with his younger sister Colleen. So much has changed on Rt 1. Even the Hilltop has closed! I made a point to ask if Prince was still under the same management to the man that took our order. It turns out that man is Steve Castraberti. The owner and son of Arturo. Steve still works the front counter. Mr. Castraberti made a point of spending a minute with us on a very busy day to catch me up on the changes after seating us at our table.

The wait staff provide the same excellent, attentive service that I remember. When our pizza was ready, it was Steve that paged us and brought us our lunch. There is nothing more personal or valuable in the hospitality industry than having the proprietor being the front man AND bringing us our lunch. It’s the personal touch that does not exist in any chain restaurant. That personal touch is what has always been so special about Prince There were so many times when Steve’s dad brought us our food those many years ago. So many times that he came over to our table,hands on our shoulder, greeting us and making sure we were happy with our food. So many times he found time to chat with us before moving on to the next table. It’s one of the values that the Castraberti family keeps very much alive in their restaurant. One can’t help but feel so at home at the Leaning Tower of Pizza!

My life has taken me so far away from Prince Pizzeria. I’m SO glad I had time to stop by to have the pizza that I love so much. The quality of the fare over all these years has been the very best at the Castraberti’s restaurant. The hospitality of the Castraberti family cannot be surpassed. Thank you so much for reminding me that no matter what changes life may bring, a few very special places will be tended by special people that value bringing the best quality food with the best quality service and hospitality.”

– Brian C

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