Anthony Scibelli

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Anthony began writing and performing comedy while he was a student at Brandeis University, and since then, his disarming style, clever joke writing and unique worldview have made him a powerful new voice in comedy. Combining strings of one-liners, sharp observational material, and idiosyncratic story-telling, Anthony charms audiences with his dry wit and healthy sense of the absurd. His material examines topics as varied as life, death, video games, sex, Star Wars and video games.

Sometimes Anthony sees himself as the only sane person in a world gone mad. But it’s just as likely that the opposite is true.

As a filmmaker, he has won multiple awards, and as an actor he has lost some. He writes articles and sketches for, (recently named by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the “10 Funniest People, Videos or Things of the Coming Year”), and He has been featured in Reader’s Digest, the Boston Globe, and the New Yorker Literary Blog.

You can see him in the 2012 Kevin James film Here Comes the Boom (depending on how closely you watch the crowd scenes). He was once retweeted by the Monkees.