Saturday, June 15, 2019

Special Event: Lenny Clarke, Paul D’Angelo, Tricia Auld

Doors 7:00pm ~ Show 8:30pm


Lenny Clarke

Veteran Boston stand-up comedian Lenny Clarke has an oddly calibrated act — his material and his perspective is very much in an old-school Don Rickles vein, but his attitude is very much that of a quick-witted young comic. This contrast comes wrapped in a conversational…
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Paul D’Angelo

Who is the comedian/writer/actor that The Los Angeles Times calls “…quite likely the funniest entertainer you’ve never heard of… yet”? Paul D’Angelo spent ten and a half years as an Assistant District Attorney, supervising several of…
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Tricia Auld

Tricia Auld is a Boston-based comedian who’s performed in some of New England’s region’s most charming/intimidating bars, theaters, and clubs. She’s a staple of…
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