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Prince is the largest family-owned pizzeria in America.

  • Meatball Mondays at Prince January 15, 2017

    Meatball Mondays at Prince

    Come in to Prince and enjoy our famous Meatball Monday!

  • Customer Feedback – Above and Beyond January 8, 2017

    Customer Feedback – Above and Beyond

    “From the moment we enter Prince, the staff at the front when ordering are always pleasant and courteous. The wait staff always goes above and beyond just delivering the food. The food is always excellent and a great variety. As a handicapped person in a wheelchair everyone goes above and beyond to assist us in anyway possible. As an example one night we went in and it was a long wait just to order because there weren’t any tables available, Steve (owner) asked the customers if he could take us in and seat us on the next table and had one of his staff bring us to a table, take our order and followed through until order was delivered, now that is service above and beyond and greatly appreciated. I am on oxygen and I have to calculate how much I have and how long it will last if we had to wait too long, we would have left because I can’t run out of oxygen. As the owner, Steve goes above and beyond and treats his customers with the respect and dignity they deserve, and shows compassion and concern for those with disabilities. Keep up the good work.”

    Nancy B.

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  • Welcome to Giggles 2017 January 6, 2017

    Welcome to Giggles 2017

    The legendary club where wicked funny people get up on stage
    to share important information.
    Call (781) 233-9950 to reserve your seats today!

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